• Escalator To Nowhere

    By Baron / 2018 / 60 Min / slow and steady. the prison, institute, mall, airport, bank. haunted by pain and pleasure. murder cult. what you once thought was freedom was just an elaborate hoax. a shard of bloody glass to catch your own dying gaze in. the grinding squeal of your own demise. water vapor becoming stone. contorted walk backwards.
  • Flying In Place

    By Fidelity Astro / 2018 / 40 Min / come, all ye faithful, bump this in the twilight. beats cut from samples, ranging from triumphant bangers to sorrowful reflections, with a few robot interludes in the mix. the best album by the world's most melancholic scratch DJ.
  • Language of Dreams

    By Staticnosis / 2018 / 30 Min / astral project from an urban whirlwind. drift in to a vast expanse somewhere windy and quiet. bloodmoon. no stars. jump cut scenarios in your lucid dream. running in all directions at once.
  • N A G

    By Otay : Onii / 2018 / 40 Min / to rid of the neg, hope, too, rid. a confession or a determination letter from the darkest spot on the heart, from otay to onii. a dagger to protect oneself. a spell to melt the stone. sun setting on a frail creature. post-net gothic.
  • Shadowtime PM 3

    Special Release/ 2018 / 60 Min / night time juice. dark shadows. your own personal dream prison. compilation album featuring Baron, Adan De La Garza, Sun.TV, Atari, Marsunsea, Fidelity Astro, Staticnosis and Six Rod Shaman.
  • Hyper Portal Terrorism

    By Sun.TV / 2018 / 20 Min / constructed escape from integrated thinking and all its forms of imposed unity. racing towards an infinite trapdoor falling through utopian screams. acid jazz collapsing in on itself. coagulated worm sounds. digital surfing saxophone space crafts traveling at the speed of punk.
  • Nadir

    By Adán De La Garza / 2018 / 45 Min / disintegrated sound snakes invited to the anxiety party that give you socially manufactured insomnia at the work place. gift cards for a bad massage. your disappointed parents. it's better to stay in bed. high priest josh doesn't care about your problems. the pit stains are bleeding out from under your arms now. skin tag friendship.
  • Feral Desert

    By Channel Worker / 2018 / 20 Min / split tape between the duet. side A: schizo-collage high speed magnetism accompanied with chaos drums. junk yard fuckface. subliminal devil squirmishes. side B: postmortem docking station, located on the outer boundaries of a rust-yellow terran planet. drunken marbles oozing through megacity street cracks. running from the sleep police.
  • 38th & Colorado [music for frog voices]

    By Rumpilots / 2018 / 60 Min / this original performance was recorded live inside a 100 meter long sewer tunnel at boulder colorado and transmitted in real time to paris france via Skype. the audio recording utilized three long range condenser microphones situated at the opposite end of the tunnel where rumpilots played.
  • Shadowtime Omega

    Special Release / 2017 / 60 Min / compilation album commissioned by breckenridge creative arts center for the exhibition "noise". features tracks by sun.tv, staticnosis, rumpilots, adan de la garza, fidelity astro, mercury severinsen, & perfume trash.
  • Signaling w/o Receiving

    By David Clay Bridges / 2017 / 60 Min / four performers, arranged square. in-ear ear-plugs & over-ear industrial noise canceling headphones. whatever they want whenever they want. a person cannot signal and receive simultaneously, in the same way a person cannot act on contradicting ideas.
  • Spells & Other

    By SUN.TV / 2017 / 60 Min / an ambient drift of geomorphological free jazz. mineral. vegetable. magical. angelical. cave of onyx bells. abyssal plain. things of fire and unearthly light. wind torn petrified hymns.
  • Imaginary Duets

    By Armando Rosales / 2017 / 40 Min / a mine of first takes and impasses with silent collaborators. archival drum recordings barely edited, trespassing and hunting on private land, intimacy at its oddest.
  • Here, Tyrant Death

    By Qualchan. / 2017 / 40 Min / soft ambient pillowy clouds. heart of hearts. that moment when your washy dream congeals into a misty field. gradual loss. rain coat melodies.
  • The Ship & The Shipwreck

    By pulseCoder / 2017 / 40 Min / moody computer cruising on throbbing midnight waves. reflective and opal. controlled swirve. a well to pour your sinister deeds into.
  • King Poppy Meets The Beings In A Cali Mist

    By Fidelity Astro / 2017 / 40 Min / beats for humanity & energy beings. scratching against the machine. that deep stoney shit.
  • Sirun

    By Sirun / 2017 / 60 Min / an endarkened heaven, captured with watery tapestry zones scoured over sludgy angelic mists. creeping through the forest. guided by moonlight. amethyst crystals crushed into anti-venom for light sensitive city dwellers.
  • Backwoods/See Through

    By King Poppy / 2017 / 40 Min / Two 20-minute meditative songs with the sounds of the world stretching out before you. Get some peace, get some beauty, take your time. Stillness and repetition are the soil from which grand energy bursts forth.
  • There is only darkess, There is only light

    By Rumpilots/ 2017 /80 Min / paralinguistic dialectic. geological time spilling forth on edge of the speed of sound. crumbling societies, oceanic despair. body music. improvisatory psychetropic cascades of baroque decoration gone wrong.
  • Anenome

    By Rumpilots / 2017 / 30 Min / special crystal radio spontaneous performance. featuring rumpilots and guest artist tomoko sauvage. twilight fireflies and deer calls, human bodies melting into biochronic mountain crevasses. recorded live past anenome trail, boulder co.
  • Nootropicalia

    By Nature / 2017 / 60 Min / suffering from the colonial itch? sift through the rubble of brain enhancement clinical rhythm research. a soulful vomitorium of mood rupturing chamber music. overdose on inner space; enter the jazz void.
  • Human Virus

    By DU$$T / 2017 / 30 Min / loops and psychic mini-deaths; featuring william jefferson clinton on saxophone, yoko ono on vox, donna harroway on neural modulation apparatus, barrel full of asteroids on percussion, warning signs and auspicious anthropo-slime.
  • Staticnosis

    By Staticnosis / 2017 / 30 Min / patient psych-industrial-plate-techtonica, cold steel horns abound. slow drying narcoleptic clay. morbid white noise. deathtrack. aromatic and glistening percussion. deer in headlights.
  • Fabula & Syuzhet

    By Kon Konge / 60 min / 2016 / still-moving spirit music for hurting humans. meandering narratives. ectoplasm washed over with childhood phantasm and piano skeletons. useful in aiding lonesome walk or mournful celebration.
  • Clone

    By Zyskowski / 2016 / 40 Min / hypno-minimal pulse poems electrically imprinted and psychically ricocheted across the surfaces of a glass house built on a remote and rain drenched island. playful meloncholy and smothered hope jitter off stoney crags repeating like ocean seafoam sizzling on cold beach sand.
  • Shadowtime PM

    Mixtape EP2 / 2016 / 40 Min / cascading drapes of moss lost in a moonless night, an incantation via radio transmission hovering over tainted isotopic acid-dream bodies calling forth the thousand eyed cybernetic infant sirens to bring praise to the primal state.
  • Genushenka

    By Fidelity Astro / 2016 / 55 min / a tribute to '70s lounges, scratching, breakups, new love, gospel wisdom, and actress gena rowlands. sad beats and victory anthems for late nights.
  • Do I Control The Wind? / Seven Hand Piano

    By Rumpilots / 2014-15 / 40 Min / a layer cake of cave behavior. chemical compounds of rumpilots' gatherings and acoustic rituals performed at The Shed in several iterations. cymbals and cat screams. exploding space rocks. fire scorched floral arrangements.
  • Very Good Sound Health

    Shadowtrash Specialty Cassette / 2016 / 50 min / APPETIZERS APPETIZERS APPETIZERS! You won't be able to hold it all in. So many little bits! A whole world of styles and presentations.
  • How To Communicate Ideas

    By DU$$T / 2016 / 60 Min / safe and restful zzz. affective to cochlear-touch. creme brulee language manipulation. authoritarian hierarchies; sunny side up. pairs well with shitty day at the office.
  • Plummeting Through The Upper Atmosphere At 30,000 mph

    DU$$T & Fidelity Astro / 2016 / 60 Min / A: coin operated asteroid ride through a radio-phonic salad bar. visitor's picnic on a foreign crash site / B: black hole turn table, plutonium fields and solar winds swirled together and placed delicately onto a billion year old cone.
  • What Came First

    By Marsunsea / 2016 / 90 Min / a two course meal. side A consists of high-grain, low-gluten cosmic clusters with a slow flowing red sauce of mantis voices. pairs well with capsules and fields. side B is orange juice.
  • Shadowtime PM

    Mixtape EP1 / 2016 / 60 Min / late night, auditory cough syrup. featuring fine cuts from nature, fidelity astro, tang, perfume trash, seven hills, and guest starring yellow hyper balls (courtesy of always human tapes).
  • Cosmic Zootcase Starpeggi's

    By Tang / 40 min / 2016 / spicy cereal patterns speed-pumped through red blood cells then blended into a hot, cobra soup. immediately followed by magma jello dessert served with vacuum cleaner spoon.
  • Weeping Creep

    By Baron / 50 min / 2016 / early morning acid bath, soaked and dried to fit anyone's lack of a social circle. ghost sandwich, layered with vibrating meat-body, cured and putified to destroy black spirits
  • I ain't got time for this shit, I'm a workin' man

    By Adán De La Garza / 35 min / 2016 / feeling down on yourself? alienated? swallow this glitched grind platter, preferably whole; suitable for depressed intellectualism. harsh loops. ASMR for the disenfranchised.
  • Depart On All Sides

    By Narrator / 2016 / 38 Min / hypno-circuit memory clams, stewed in a buttery bath. served on a tv-dinner tray and aged in cathode ray flicker. melancholic roadtrip. can't fall alseep while the world flips and spins around the body-tube? enter a still and watery heaven.
  • Red Souls Plane

    By Mercury Severinsen / 2016 / 20 Min / a three course meal, catered by extraterrestrial gong servants. the main course rings the ghostly bells of post-headhunter jazz worms. caramelized sugars sprinkled all across the spinning saucers.
  • 4444

    By Shapeshift / 2016 / 30 Min / put on a head lamp and plastic jump suit--this encounter is pure sewer music. arcade emulator floating in a placcid lake, fog rolling in and drifting through subterranean vents, causing humid bone vibrations, soft enough to chew threw.
  • Analog Beat

    by Atari / 2016 / 40 Min / a combination platter of different color vinyl, scroll-sawed and superglued--a process of osmosis. images created on the face cause audible percussive sounds due to imperfect nature. hear the beat of the shape being played through the turntable. schism past/future.
  • On Being Blue

    By DIN / 2015 / 20 Min / one part choppy to two parts electrocondusive therapy-flavoring. spinal fluid rock for fast cars. slow burn. use gasoline accordingly. impending cranial daylight crust.
  • BE/AD

    by Joe The Bare / 2016 / 60 Min / a tool and device for un/hearing notated, vibrational planet tones. one side of the temple omelette symatically shaped to B+E; the other side A+D.
  • Face Death, Lunar Bath

    By Solenoid / 2016 / 80 Min / enter through the late night jazz club basement dream-door. required REM softening glandular tissue drone before chewing on forest fire pine cones. background musak for your murder mystery party.
  • Gamma Child Proxy Chromosome

    By Volfram / 2015 / 40 Minutes / dancing heat blankets in the dead of a germanic black forest's winter night. Magnetized to create oozy-drippy beats and angry optimism.
  • King Poppy: Confessions of an American Beatmaker

    By Fidelity Astro / 2015 / 36 min / Molecules, pain revolution, feelings, sleep, shimmers, someone coming in the dark, reactivate, symphony simplicity, hit it. Raw, organic beats, prepared using monsieur Astro's native turntable-to-drum-grid method.
  • The 4th Dimension

    By Perfume Trash / 2015 / 40 Min / its just a story, its not real. Cotton Candy, blood, chemistry lab with the hyper potential for vast explosions, tempered with ancient healing medicine.
  • Think It Over, Captain Hamilton

    By Rumpilots / 2015 / 40 Min / quantum cherries, picked and collided to form a conflicted travel log, detailing saturn's rings live from Fiske Planetarium, October 9 2015
  • Terraforms

    By DU$$T / 2015 / 40 Min / perfect for a day of weather-shaping parade formations, forced direct-sunbeam-to-cornea-rhythmic-exposure, trash bags of skittles chanted over by the feedback monks.
  • Broken TV In A Motel Room

    By Nature / 2015 / 40 Min / recommended after a late-evening dinner in a back country mountain town or an isolated beach community. smooth and complex, beat-laden, floral with ocean salt embellishments. vacant parking lots, foggy palm trees.
  • Deep Stargate Potion

    By Fidelity Astro / 2015 / 90 Min / Music made of purple galaxy juice specially balanced to metabolize the hypnotization.
  • Jetset Diety

    By DU$$T / 2015 / 80 Min / an anti-self help meal plowed with vacuum cleaners and mid-day las vegas buffet crust
  • Turntable Necromancy

    By Fidelity Astro / 2015 / 90 Min / Platter control on new kitsch-free vinyl fusions. Not a joke at all. Not cute. Skull alien turntable. War.
  • Bring Me My Microwave Disco Dinner

    By Tang / 2015 / 100 Min / Side A: chopped & screwed glitch food, paired with sensuous morsels of radiation-fused disco / Side B: What it feels like to AirBnB inside a microwave
  • That Coma Snake Felt Real Good

    By Volfram / 2015 / 60 Min / careful with this meal! suggested to share with a friend or two, may produce momentary hallucinatory states, similar in texture to a giant burrito
  • Walking From The Cataclysm To The Brothel After The Vortex

    By Nicholas Hranilovich / 2015 / 90 Min / ASMR recording of a walk from the scene of the destruction of the cities, oceans, and skies, through the warpweather, into the vortext. B-Side Digital Brothel
  • River Music

    By Nature / 2015 / 80 Min / pre-infused mythological spores gathered and flash-fried in cool electricity that was channeled through the cybernetic waters of Lao Tzu & Mark Twain. a story, an ancient wrestling match scored to blood of water demons.
  • Stockholm Syndrome Techniques

    By DU$$T / 2015 / 80 Min / an astringent taste of historical prison-style delectables and game show subconscious sauce. will leave you with a full belly and slight ting of fear
  • Rusty Cigarette & The Freedumb Choir

    By Rusty Cigarette & The Freedumb Choir / 2015 / 40 Min / Contemporary patriot songs, made from screaming burnt hotdogs, lighter fluid, with an aroma of bottle rockets and urine pools--may cause seizures
  • Night Trash

    By Lifespan ∆ Lullaby / 2015 / 90 Min / Heartblanket goo, approvable inner warmth readings. Slow candle chocolate.
  • Thrift Sleepover Spree

    By Fidelity Astro / 2015 / 90 Min / Mountain Residue of bygone nights in the fun pile. Sticky beats with orchestra slow dives.
  • Sweet & Sour Diary Pieces

    By Lifespan ∆ Lullaby / 2015 / 60 Min / Chopped diary, slow marinated violin, drone on terror scale ranging from mild to spicy upon request.
  • Duplicate

    By Perfume Trash / 2015 / 36 Min / american-fusion body stew, clumps of flesh and hair, braided into repetitive riffs and vagabond organ sharing, perfect with strong drink
  • Japanese Pill Garden

    By DU$$T / 2015 / 60 Min / slightly bitter upfront, haunting overtones, sharp edges of traditional, samurai instrumentation, hellish chords and angelic mists
  • Caribbean Terrorist Banquet

    By Volfram / 2015 / 40 Min / saucy and flamboyant in flavor, hot to touch, can be used as aphrodisiac after a night of steamy clubbing
  • Inside The Cave Machine

    By Exploding Hymns / 2014 / 25 Min / wet and cool, magenta liquid caramel memory box, a romantic gift
  • Fire Songs On The Computer

    By Fidelity Astro / 2015 / 60 Min / Music for being alone or in concentric circles of glare. Summer vacation in a new town.
  • Perfume Trash No. 1

    By Perfume Trash / 2015 / 40 Min / Lemony gelato with bittersweet plastic formations, zesty and rambunctious, a perfect after school snack
  • Homesteading On An Inner Ear Cloud

    By Nature / 2015 / 30 Min / lunch box full of space crystals, ground down into silicon valley potato chips. moody february in the upper atmosphere of venus, cumulonimbus pancakes poured from the finest west coast weather refinery.
  • Cymbal Healing For Space Junk

    By Volfram / 2014 / 25 Min / windy and austere, this brief encounter with nine dimensional hyper beings will leave the tongue and eyes feeling larger than normal; slow integration back into daily routines advised.