get involved

We love collaboration. Although we compose and solicit most of the material produced here at STTG, this project is built on archiving and distributing sonic explorations that various artists from all over the place create. Interested in sending something our way for consideration? Then read on and see if your work, or someone you think we should know about, is a good fit...


for all digital or physical applications please include in the (e)mail your name, address, email address, phone number, website, and an inventory list of what we are looking at / listening to.


we will consider the following formats for review:


-link to downloadable .aiff / .wav / .mp3 (s)

-jump/thumb drive with downloadable track(s)


a brief written statement providing a context and background of the audio you have presented us with. this document should also include any links to your personal website, press, or other places/forms we can find your work. this doesn't have to be a meandering artist statement, just let us know what is going on. 

Helpful tips, or, are we a good fit for each other?

-we primarily focus on unconventional audio works that live on, or beyond, the fringes of music / sound art. that said, we are not interested in pursuing under developed projects -- do not send us your single tone ambient drone music or basic-ass synth album.

-bands are welcome to submit a press kit, but un(der)performed, new compositions will be prioritized.

-do you live in the Denver/Boulder metro area of Colorado? you're in our neck of the woods, and therefore of special interest to us.

- an album full of individual songs is great, however we gravitate towards long form composition and conceptual projects more often than not. don't let that stop you from submitting though!

-looking to make it "big" in the music industry? keep looking....

we are not a promotional group, press agency, or legal advisor of any kind. we are a group of artists who want to share our work, and others' work, with a larger community of listeners. we use tapes to share information outside of surveilled culture.

-have a hunch for an idea, or something recorded you're just not sure about? send it to us, risks are often rewarded. we try to respond to every submission.

-we love working with sounds that exist nowhere else, other than your personal computer or the tapes you provide us with, therefore work that has never been released will take precedent.


shadowtrashtapegroup (AT) g m a i l (DOT) c o m